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Motorcycles have often been thought of by some as a cheaper method of transportation or as the vehicle of motorcycle gangs, however over the last several years, older couples, young professionals and middle-aged parents in Franklin County have discovered the joys that can be found in riding motorcycles. As a result, there has been a surge in these two-wheeled machines on roads and consequently, a growth in motorcycle accidents.

Motorists and motorcycles

A motorist was recently cited for failing to yield the right of way in a collision involving a motorcycle in Darke County, according to Whiotv. The accident happened when the driver turned in front of the biker. The motorcyclist was flown from the scene with serious injuries; it is unknown whether those injuries were life-threatening or what the victim’s condition was.

Motorcyclists often claim that drivers aren’t paying attention and therefore, are the cause of the majority of accidents between motorcycles and cars. While motorists may dispute that claim, a new study in Florida appears to back up that argument, according to the Sun Sentinel. The study, conducted by the Florida Department of Transportation, showed that 60 percent of crashes involving cars and motorcycles were the fault of the motorist. The study examined 10 years of crash data for the state.

Increasing awareness of motorcycles

Motorcycles are not entirely guiltless in crashes but the numbers show that many motorists are simply not aware of the presence of motorcycles. However, there are ways that motorists can improve the safety of the road for motorcycles using the following tips:

  • Motorcycles need at least a four-second distance between them and a car in order to stop safely.
  • A motorcycle’s smaller size allows them to hide in vehicles’ blind spots, behind other vehicles and structures. Therefore, drivers should always check these places and look twice before making a turn or pulling out into traffic.
  • Motorcyclists often move from one side of the lane to the other in order to see what is going on around them.
  • Rougher road conditions require a slower speed for motorcycles because they only have two wheels to grip the road with.
  • Motorcycles’ speeds are controlled by hand, so a motorcyclist may not use the brake to change speeds.
  • Motorcyclists often cannot anticipate a motorist’s move so drivers should be sure to use their turn signals to alert bikers before making a turn.

There may be classes that motorists can take in their area to teach them how to be more alert while on the road. If more drivers make an effort to stay alert and watch out for motorcycles, there would likely be a decrease in the number of collisions between cars and bikes.

If you are the victim of a negligent driver you should talk to an experienced attorney about seeking compensation for the injuries and damages you have suffered.