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When individuals are traveling at high rates of speed, it can be difficult to keep a vehicle under control. Losing control is the cause of numerous car accidents that take place every year, and more often than not, these crashes have sobering results. Because individuals can be seriously injured in such a car accident, personal injury claims could result.

Such claims may stem from a recent accident that took place in Ohio. It was reported that an 18-year-old girl was driving a vehicle when she apparently lost control. Witnesses reportedly stated that the vehicle was speeding when it left the roadway, struck multiple posts and then caught fire. Bystanders were able to get three passengers out of the vehicle but were unable to help the driver. 

The accident resulted in fatal injuries for the driver and serious to life-threatening injuries for the three passengers. The passengers were reported as being two females, ages 17 and 18, and one male, age 18. It was unclear at the time of the report whether alcohol may have played a role in the incident. Authorities will likely continue to investigate in order to conclude what may have contributed to the situation.

The individuals who survived the incident are likely feeling lucky to be alive. However, the serious injuries they suffered could cause considerable setbacks. As a result, they may wish to consider filing personal injury claims. Though the driver considered at fault died in the car accident, claims may still be able to be filed against the estate of the driver. Information on taking such action in Ohio may be valuable.

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