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After a series of lawsuits publicly revealed the increase in risk of blood clots from birth control Yaz and Yazmin, another hormonal method has come under fire. The well-known NuvaRing device, placed in the vagina, is facing a series of product liability claims related to potentially fatal thrombosis. More than 1,000 women are seeking financial compensation because of injuries or illnesses suffered while using the device.

The suits are just the latest in an ongoing legal battle between birth control manufacturers and women who claim the companies fail to provide adequate health warnings. Thousands of women successfully sued the makers of the Ortho Evra patch, for example, after that method was found to cause more blood clots than traditional birth control pills. As of last year, at least 10,000 suits alleged similar misconduct on the part of Bayer, the company that produces Yaz and Yazmin. That company has set aside $1.5 billion to settle birth control claims alone.

Many studies show that women who use birth control with a third-generation progestin compound — including the NuvaRing — face significantly higher odds of developing blood clots than women taking other types of birth control. Women who chose the ring method were also far more likely to develop thrombosis even when compared to oral contraceptives containing the same compounds.

Although some industry experts claim that a comprehensive body of scientific research has failed to fully implicate the pills in the women’s injuries and death, lawsuits allege that pharmaceutical companies have withheld information that is critical to making informed health decisions. Even though the companies may have complied with FDA regulations, they still failed to fully inform patients, an oversight that warrants compensatory and punitive damages.

If you or a loved one has been affected by health problems resulting from the use of birth control pills or devices, consider seeking assistance from a personal injury attorney. These professionals can help you learn more about the class-action suits while helping you get the money you deserve.

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