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A Gahanna nursing home with a history of serious safety violations and nursing home abuse will be forced to shut down. The Bon-Ing Care and Rehabilitation facility, located at 121 James Road, has been notified by the Ohio Department of Health that the nursing home’s license is being revoked. Federal officials have already terminated provider agreements with Medicare and Medicaid.

Between March 14 and August 11, state health officials investigated four complaints and performed one biannual inspection. State inspectors discovered safety violations that represented “immediate jeopardy” and “real and present danger” to the facility’s residents. The violations have not been corrected. Health officials indicated that the facility failed to implement interventions to prevent additional problems and had inadequate staff to address problems when they did occur.

The safety violations included numerous assaults on residents – by other residents and employees. Ten residents were reportedly assaulted by five other residents, receiving cuts, bruises and other injuries. Some of the assailants were repeat offenders. Beverley Laubert, the Ohio long-term-care ombudsman, stated “There were a number of altercations between residents where residents were harmed, kicked by other residents, hit in the head by other residents In addition, an incident in which a nurse pinned a resident against a wall by the throat was reported.

Laubert said “Good nursing homes can have problems, but the difference is they analyze what’s gone wrong, find out why it has happened and put measures in to prevent future issues.”

Currently, Bon-Ing has 37 residents living at the facility. Those residents will be relocated over the next 30 days.

In the last year, two other facilities have been forced to close due to failed inspections and troubled histories of mistreatment, assault, sexual abuse and improper restraints. Carlton Manor in Washington Court House closed in February 2014 and Autumn Health Care in Zanesville closed in July 2013.

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