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It is fair to say that no one wants to be involved in a motor vehicle accident. While it is possible that the outcome will be only minor property damage, depending on the circumstances surrounding a crash, these incidents have the potential to result in serious injuries and sometimes even death. This is particularly true when one of the vehicles involved is a truck.

Earlier this month, a multi-vehicle accident involving a semitrailer occurred on an Ohio interstate. In total, besides the truck, three cars were part of the incident. All told, not much is known about the crash. The cause of the accident, which occurred in the afternoon, is unclear. There are many factors that could have contributed to it occurring including distracted driving or poor road conditions. Though a stretch of the road was closed for a period of time following the crash, it is unclear if anyone was hurt.

Should injuries have been incurred it is possible that legal action could be taken in connection with the motor vehicle accident. Parties whose negligence contributed to the crash happening could find that they are defendants in a personal injury lawsuit. Because recovering from a serious injury from a car accident can be expensive, it is not uncommon for those who find themselves in that position to try to recoup financial damages.

Anyone considering filing such a case should act quickly. In addition to needing to preserve evidence, there is a specific time period in which a personal injury lawsuit must be filed. If it is not done within that allotted period of time, the opportunity is lost.

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