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It seems like a cruel injustice—otherwise healthy babies coming into this world either sick or with disabilities as a result of the medical care that was provided during what is, for many, the best times of their lives. Sadly, this does happen however in Columbus, Ohio as well as throughout the nation. A woman in another state who has a 2-year-old daughter with cerebral palsy learned this firsthand.

The condition became clear not long after the girl was born. The type of cerebral palsy she has, called dyskinetic cerebral palsy, manifests itself in, among other things, involuntary movements. The condition has caused her to miss the developmental milestones that other children her age are hitting.

The girl’s mother believes the cerebral palsy is the result of how the delivery of her daughter was handled. She asserts that she was not properly monitored during labor. In particular she says her elevated blood pressure was not watched close enough and information regarding the issue was not communicated to her doctor. He did not become aware of the potentially problematic situation until the following morning when she was diagnosed with severe preeclampsia.

As a result of her daughter’s birth injuries, the woman recently filed a lawsuit against the hospital where her daughter was born and suffered the birth injury. In her claim she asserts that she, as well as her daughter, experienced mental anguish and physical pain as a result of the care they received. In addition, she claims they are dealing with impairment and physical incapacity along with related medical bills. The amount of damages she is seeking is not known.

Medical malpractice lawsuits are not right for everyone who has experienced medical negligence that inflicted harm of some sort. For those who it is appropriate however, a positive outcome could make a big difference in their quality of life.

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