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The mother of a woman who lost her life last year has decided to take legal action. The woman died of a heart attack while being held at an Ohio detention facility. The victim’s mother filed the wrongful death suit, claiming that the staff’s improper handling of her daughter’s emergency medical situation is what ultimately caused the tragic death.

On May 16, the woman was arrested and accused of theft, and she was held at the detention center since she did not post bond. On May 25, the woman became ill. She was suffering from chest pain, jaw tightening and was vomiting. She saw a nurse that night, and a test revealed an irregular heartbeat. Nevertheless, the woman was given medicine for her upset stomach and told that she could see a doctor in the morning.

An hour later, she collapsed. According to the complaint, neither the doctor or the nurse examined the woman and were delayed in their response. The woman had suffered from a heart attack, and it ultimately resulted in her death. The autopsy revealed that the woman showed signs of narrowed blood vessels in three of her coronary arteries.

The Ohio wrongful death suit names the county, the sheriff and the staff of the jail as defendants in the suit. The mother of the woman who lost her life has accused the defendants of civil rights violations, negligence and medical malpractice, which ultimately led to the loss of her loved one. The mother seeks an undisclosed amount of damages in the suit.

While wrongful death actions concerning the victims of automobile accidents seem to be the most common, this type of litigation can actually arise from a variety of circumstances. There are multiple steps that any Ohio resident who has suffered the loss of a loved one must take in order to commence this type of litigation. For example, it is generally advisable to review the available records and evidence in order to make an assessment of the viability of the claim before a lawsuit is taken to court.

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