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The city council of Mentor, Ohio recently approved the commencement of an eminent domain proceeding to acquire the right of way on several parcels along Heisley Road. The right of way is needed for a major traffic construction project.

Thirty-seven parcels of property were needed to widen Heisley Road to four lanes. Property acquisition is complete on most of the parcels. The city was unable to reach agreements with the remaining eight property owners. Each property owner was offered compensation at an appraised value, which was rejected. The property owners will be notified of the city’s intention to file an eminent domain proceeding in court. Additional attempts to settle with the property owners will be made before filing.

The eminent domain proceeding is not expected to delay construction work. These particular actions are referred to as “quick takes.” Once the city puts the compensation on file with the court, the city can use the property immediately. “So even if the court case would drag out, as soon as we put the money in court, we go on the property and do whatever we need to do,” said Mentor City Law Director Richard Henning.

The Ohio eminent domain attorneys at Clark, Perdue & List represent property owners who are facing eminent domain proceedings. If a government agency or utility has notified you that your property is required for a project, you need to be aware of your rights. Clark, Perdue & List may be able to help.