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When a parent has a child with special needs, that parent may seek assistance from medical professionals when it comes to caring for the child. Such assistance can be beneficial to both Ohio parents and children when it comes to ensuring that specific needs are met. Unfortunately, medical negligence could be a concern, and if parents believe that their child has suffered due to neglect, they may wish to consider their legal options.

A mother in another state recently filed a medical malpractice claim relating to the care of her child. It was reported that the woman’s son has a condition causing him to be unable to see, walk or talk. Due to his condition, the mother sought assistance from a medical facility in order to care for her son. The boy reportedly stayed at the facility for several years, but his mother stated that his health began to decline. 

A new administration had taken over the facility, and the mother believed that her son was subjected to neglect and substandard care when the administration took over. The boy had to be taken to the hospital on multiple occasions due to being seriously ill. As a result, the mother filed a lawsuit claiming medical malpractice against the facility.

Situations of medical negligence can be frightening, especially for parents when it comes to the care of their children. If Ohio residents believe that their child was not properly cared for and suffered as a result, they may wish to look into medical malpractice claims. Such claims may allow them to pursue compensation for damages.

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