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As most parents in the Columbus, Ohio area can likely attest to, though rewarding, raising a child can be a difficult endeavor. It is made that much harder when a child is disabled due to an injury suffered at birth. Depending on the birth injury, it can lead to years of medical treatment that, in addition to being emotionally difficult to handle, can be financially hard as well. The family of one little girl knows this all too well. Though she resides in a neighboring state, the experience she and her family have had could easily happen to someone in Franklin County.

One of the 2-year-old’s arms is paralyzed as a result of being pulled out her mother’s birth canal after she became stuck there during delivery. The condition, known as Klumpke’s palsy, has made it impossible for the girl to do anything with that arm. In addition, because of issues she experiences with her balance, she is unable to walk up stairs without assistance. She is also unable to do basic things many likely take for granted such as use the bathroom on her own or dress herself.

Though the girl’s family receives Medicaid to help with some of the medical bills that have accrued throughout the years that money is not enough to cover all of their expenses and they are unable to stay current on basics such as rent. Despite multiple attempts, thus far, they have not been approved for Supplemental Security Income either.

Because of these financial difficulties arising out of the birth injury, the outcome of a personal injury lawsuit they have pending against the hospital where the girls was born is even more crucial. If it is a success, it could result in much needed financial damages.

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