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Many individuals likely buy the same brands of foods when they do their grocery shopping. Ohio residents know what foods they enjoy and likely do not see the need to veer from their standard choices. Unfortunately, those products may unexpectedly create a hazard that could leave consumers negatively affected, and in such cases, product liability claims may be warranted.

It was recently reported that a recall was put into affect for certain Kraft brand cheeses. The recall was enacted due to a choking hazard caused by the wrapper of individual cheese slices. It was reported that a sliver of the wrapper could potentially remain attached to the cheese after it was unwrapped, and if consumers did not notice the remaining wrapper, it could pose a choking hazard.

It was noted that 36,000 cases of cheese were affected by this recall. American and white American cheese single slices packaged in cases of 3 and 4 pounds were named under the recall. It was also reported that at least 10 complaints about the wrapper had already been filed, and there had been at least three choking incidents. If individuals have purchased cases of cheese affected by the recall, they may wish to return them for a refund or exchange.

Having a trusted product become a potentially dangerous product can be unexpected for many Ohio consumers. Unfortunately, these types of situations do occur, and individuals could be put at risk. If residents have been negatively affected by this product, they may wish to assess their situation and determine whether filing a product liability claim could be right for them. 

Source: CNN, “Kraft recalls 36,000 cases of cheese over possible choking hazard“, Holly Yan, Aug. 2, 2015