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Dealing with medical mistakes can take a considerable toll on a patient and his or her family. Individuals could potentially face fatal results due to infections, injuries or other illnesses that may arise from medical malpractice. Ohio residents may be interested in a situation concerning a doctor in another state who is facing hundreds of malpractice claims.

It was recently reported that a cardiologist had been scheduled to go to court at the time of the report due to malpractice claims. One of those claims stems from a woman whose husband died after being treated by the cardiologist. Reports stated that the man had undergone surgery to have a pacemaker implanted, and he suffered from an infection afterward. The cardiologist apparently did not properly treat the infection or take other necessary measures, and the man died as a result.

Similarly, approximately 300 other individuals have filed complaints against the doctor for malpractice. Reportedly, the doctor has implanted cardiac devices into patients who may not have truly needed them. Additionally, the doctor supposedly altered medical records in order to make the devices seem necessary. A medical review panel ruled against the doctor, which was a step needed before claims against him could go to court.

Infections can be deadly under many circumstances, but they may also be treated if they are discovered and tended to in a timely and proper manner. If Ohio residents believe that they or someone they know has suffered due to improper treatment or other medical mistakes, they may wish to explore their options for seeking compensation. Information on filing medical malpractice claims may help them determine whether taking such a step could be right for them.

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