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Having safe items in a child’s room can often make parents feel more at ease. However, if their toys, furniture or other items become the subject of a recall, they could have been at risk of becoming injured due to a potentially dangerous product. In some cases, the recall notice may come too late, and injuries or fatalities may have already occurred. As a result, a product liability claim may be filed.

Ohio residents may be interested in a recent product recall. Ikea recently recalled millions of chests and dressers after they posed a serious risk to children. According to reports, the chests and dressers could potentially fall over on top of children and injure them. The company is offering a kit that will allow owners to affix the furniture to the wall to reduce the risk of tipping over. 

Unfortunately, this recall notice came about due to two children suffering fatal injuries in connection with the furniture. The children were reported as being around 2 years old and were injured when the furniture fell on them. It was noted that child and adult chests and dressers over a certain height should not be used unless mounted to a wall.

In situations where children are at risk of being fatally injured, Ohio parents may feel serious concern. It is unfortunate that two deaths occurred before a recall notice was distributed regarding the furniture. If state residents believe that they or their children were injured due to the falling furniture, they may wish to consider their legal options for filing a product liability claim in order to seek compensation.

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