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No one wants to find out that an elderly loved one at a long-term care facility is being harmed. If you’re facing that situation, turn to a nursing home abuse lawyer.

In Columbus and the central Ohio region, a number of attorneys advocate for victims of elder abuse and neglect. Working with an expert who understands the law and how to get justice can be beneficial when you’re trying to figure out how to move forward. Here are a few ways a nursing home abuse lawyer can help ease your burden.

Explaining Your Legal Options

A lawyer with expertise in handling nursing home neglect and abuse cases can help you determine what steps to take to protect your loved one. During your initial consultation, the attorney will discuss:

  • The specifics of your case
  • The physical and mental capacity of the victim
  • The evidence needed to take legal action

Based on the conversation, an experienced elder abuse and neglect attorney can explain your available options and offer guidance on the next steps to take. Typically, this involves filing a legal claim.

Filing a Claim Against the Facility

A nursing home neglect and abuse lawyer can help you file a claim and hold the facility accountable for the harm your loved one has suffered.

Filing a legal claim can provide your family with financial compensation for the full extent of your losses. Victims of elder abuse and neglect may be entitled to restitution for medical expenses, mental anguish, pain and suffering, financial exploitation and the costs of relocating to another facility. Punitive damages may also be available, which can help protect the rights of other residents.

Providing the Emotional Support You Need

Learning that an elderly loved one is the victim of abuse can be quite a shock. With an attorney who specializes in this area of the law, you’ll have help dealing with anger and frustration you’re likely feeling.

Experienced elder abuse lawyers have steered others through this difficult chapter in life. An attorney will know to treat your family with compassion, supporting you through every step of the claims process. And, a lawyer can point you toward resources for additional help moving forward.

Contact an Experienced Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Today

Based in Columbus, the legal team at Clark, Perdue & List represents families and individuals who have suffered from neglect or abuse in long-term care facilities throughout Ohio.

Clark, Perdue & List can help your family recover from the trauma and get justice for your loved one. For a free, no-obligation consultation with a dedicated nursing home abuse lawyer in Columbus, Ohio, contact us today.