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Do you suspect that a loved one suffered neglect or abuse at a Columbus nursing facility? Taking immediate action is essential and contacting a highly skilled nursing home abuse lawyer is a smart move.

An attorney can protect your loved one’s legal rights and hold the responsible parties financially accountable — tasks that are difficult for anyone without a comprehensive understanding of the federal and Ohio state laws governing abuse and neglect at long-term care facilities. Here, we take a closer look at how an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer in Columbus can assist with your legal claim.

Conducting an In-Depth Investigation

When a resident of a long-term care facility has been abused or neglected, filing a lawsuit may be the best course of action. But before bringing a legal claim on behalf of your loved one, the matter needs to be thoroughly investigated.

A seasoned Columbus nursing home abuse lawyer can handle the investigation. You can expect an attorney to:

  • Carefully examine your loved one’s medical records
  • Review the hiring practices at the facility
  • Evaluate the facility’s procedures and policies
  • Scrutinize Ohio nursing home inspection reports
  • Seek out any evidence that supports the legal claim

Bringing a Lawsuit for Damages

Once a Columbus lawyer finds sufficient evidence to prove that your loved one suffered harm in a long-term care facility, they’ll determine the responsible parties. Anyone who played a role in the abuse or neglect can be held financially accountable.

The parties named in your loved one’s lawsuit may include:

  • Doctors, physicians assistants and nurses
  • Contracted care providers and facility vendors
  • Maintenance staff, custodians and groundskeepers
  • The nursing facility and its parent company

An experienced Columbus nursing home neglect and abuse attorney will deliver a complaint to the courts. The document will present the facts, name the parties responsible and note the desired compensation. The damages that can be recovered through the legal claim include:

  • The costs of medical care for your loved one
  • Psychological therapy to deal with the mental anguish
  • Monetary losses due to relocating to another facility
  • Compensation for physical pain and suffering
  • Financial restitution for any misappropriated funds

Getting Justice for Your Loved One

If you intend to file a lawsuit, you’ll want to contact a Columbus nursing home abuse lawyer right away. That’s the best way to protect your loved one – and by taking immediate action, you won’t miss the deadline for filing a legal claim.

In Ohio, the time for bringing a claim—called the statute of limitations–for nursing home neglect and abuse claims varies—and it may be as early as one year.

To avoid missing a deadline, reach out to an experienced attorney – like the professional team at Clark, Perdue & List — as soon as possible. For a free, no-obligation consultation with an accomplished nursing home abuse lawyer in Columbus, Ohio, contact our office today.