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A ruling in a civil case is in jeopardy after attorneys discovered jurors changed their verdict. The $2.8 million award was given to a man who was paralyzed at Doctors Hospital in Ohio in a medical malpractice case. The ruling is under review after information surfaced that jurors changed their verdict after the judge in the case determined they had not properly deliberated.

Attorneys for the hospital’s parent company, OhioHealth, claim the original verdict should be reinstated in the case. That verdict would have made the hospital the victor.

Official reports show the victim in this case had his neck broken when he was restrained by patient-care professionals at the health center. The man arrived at the hospital in June 2009 after failing to take his prescribed psychiatric medications. He became disoriented and ostensibly threatening to the staff at the facility. After the sedation wore off the next day, the man realized he was unable to move his limbs.

The man’s attorneys believes the judge made the right decision when rejecting the original verdict. The judge in the case may not make a speedy decision, however, considering she began maternity leave in late May and will not return until September. The health group has filed motions requesting the verdict decision be delayed until the original judge is again available.

Attorneys on both sides of the case say they have not experienced such a situation in the past. An eight-member jury began deliberating in the case on April 30 after a four-week trial. Jurors were tasked with determining whether the patient care technician was negligent. A misunderstanding resulted in an invalid vote. After four hours of further deliberation, a judgment was rendered in favor of the plaintiff.

If you are seeking financial compensation for medical malpractice, consider seeking the assistance of a qualified personal injury attorney. Healthcare organizations are only interested in protecting their employees and resources, as is evident in this OhioHealth case. Your attorney can help you fight medical malpractice just like the lawyer in this case.

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