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With the colder weather on its way, many of our Ohio readers are beginning to purchase long-sleeve shirts, long pants and sweatshirts. Unfortunately, residents who happened to purchase two particular hoodies for their children may be interested in learning that they have been recalled. Close to 8,000 total hoodies have been recalled as dangerous products.

The recall is due to the strings on the hoodie. It is said that the drawstrings pose a choking hazard. Children are most at risk when playing at the playground or getting off the school bus. The strings can easily get hung and strangle the child.

The first set of sweatshirts were sold at Fred Meyer and Kroger supermarkets across the country. These were made in Pakistan and are available in red, blue, black, green and turquoise. They have a zipper in the front and were only available in small and medium for boys. There were a total of 7,800 of these recalled.

The other set of hoodies that were recalled were sold in various boutiques. Made by Pure Baby Organics, these 60 sweatshirts also have a front zipper. They were available in sizes 2T and 3 for boys and were gray in color with red drawstrings.

Customers who purchased these items are advised to return the sweatshirts where they purchased them. They will receive a full refund. For those who purchased one of the 7,800 sweatshirts will also receive a gift card worth $10. For customers who do not wish to return the hoodie, they are advised to remove the drawstring so that the sweatshirt is safe to wear.

Whether a toy, lawn mower or sweatshirt, if dangerous products are allowed on the market, someone may face legal claims for financial responsibility if a serious injury or fatality occurs. Manufacturers of consumer products are expected to ensure their products are safe and will not harm or injure anyone. When an injury or death results from a defective product, Ohio victims may have a legal claim against the manufacturer and/or other in the consumer supply chain. A successful claim may hold them responsible while also providing monetary reimbursement to the victim for medical expenses, pain and suffering and other related damages.

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