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A tragic accident recently claimed the lives of a mother and daughter. A vehicle in the opposite lane swerved into the one occupied by the vehicle in which they were traveling, causing a deadly head-on collision. What factors may have led to the Columbus accident are currently unknown as the crash is presumably still under investigation.

Around 11:15 p.m., the 32-year-old mother was driving her 16-year-old daughter, her 36-year-old husband and another 18-year-old passenger in Columbus. Suddenly, a 22-year-old driving in the opposite lane left his own lane and entered the lane occupied by the first vehicle. The two vehicles collided head-on. The collision took the lives of the mother and daughter, and the three other individuals had to be taken to an area hospital for treatment.

It is not known at this time if drugs or alcohol were involved in the accident, and it is also unknown whether the other driver was speeding at the time of the crash. The conditions of the other individuals have not been released. It is also unknown whether the driver of the other car may face criminal charges resulting from the incident.

Even if the driver does not face criminal charges associated with the Columbus collision, the husband and the other passenger may elect to take civil action against the other driver. The teenage passenger may choose to file a personal injury suit against the 22-year-old and any separate owner of the vehicle the man was driving. Additionally, the husband and father could not only pursue a personal injury suit for himself, but also he could file an Ohio wrongful death suit on behalf of his wife as well as his daughter. If successful, he may receive monetary reimbursement for the damages sustained in this tragic accident.

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