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Unfortunately, even if a person is driving cautiously and obeying the rules of the road, another driver can always end up causing an accident. One such accident recently occurred in Ohio when a suspected drunk driver apparently caused a rear-end collision with another vehicle. A grandfather and granddaughter were killed in the car accident.

Just before 4 p.m., local police officers in Clark County were called to the scene of a serious car accident. Two grandparents were traveling with their two granddaughters north on a relatively busy road. It is not clear whether the vehicle was approaching a stop sign or a traffic light, but another vehicle — operated by a 54-year-old man — came up behind their vehicle and rear-ended it.

The impact of the crash took the lives of both the grandfather, age 65, and one of the granddaughters, age 12. The 56-year-old grandmother who was driving the car was taken to an area hospital for treatment, and she has been released. The second granddaughter, age 10, was also taken to a local hospital, but her condition is unknown. The investigators initially suspect that the man driving the second vehicle was drunk.

It is hard to imagine losing two family members in a tragic car accident, but sadly this family is experiencing that nightmare. However, the family can potentially find some financial relief by filing an Ohio personal injury suit against the driver. If successful, the family could receive monetary reimbursement for damages sustained in the crash, and they may also achieve a sense that some sense of justice was served.

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