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The sport that typically has the most publicized brain injuries is football; however, other sports such as soccer can also pose a great risk to athletes. If an athlete suffers a brain injury in Ohio, that athlete may be eligible to file for a personal injury suit. A girl in another state is suing her high school after suffering from a brain injury, and the suit is gathering media attention.

The girl was an upcoming freshman on the high school team at the time of her injury. She was playing in a preseason scrimmage when she and another player ran into each other. In the collision, the girl hit her head. The coach allowed the girl to keep playing, and the coach allegedly did not do any sort of medical evaluation. On the bus ride home, the girl complained that she had a headache, and the next day she was dizzy and reportedly had vision problems.

Now, two years after the accident, the girl suffers from fatigue and headaches, and these symptoms have affected her performance in school. They may have also prevented her from getting a scholarship. In the girl’s home state of Pennsylvania, there is a law stating that any student athlete who may have suffered a concussion must be brought out of the game and given a medical evaluation.

Every state has different laws regarding these circumstances. However, it is quite possible that the coach’s negligence could still be proven even without the specific law. Any athlete who has suffered a brain injury in Ohio due to the negligence of another has the right to file for a personal injury suit.

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