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Product recalls can cause significant concern for Ohio residents. In some cases, product liability claims may be warranted, and a recent recall from Aspen Foods could lead to such claims. It was reported that the company issued a recall for more than 560,000 pounds of frozen chicken products, which affects nearly 20 brands associated with the production company. 

The concern for these products stems from a previous recall earlier this year. During that recall, almost 2 million pounds of frozen chicken were recalled due to a salmonella outbreak, and that incident led to additional testing. These tests apparently indicated that products that were still being sold could be affected, leading to this more recent recall. 

It was noted that the recall was put into effect in order to prevent additional illness. However, it was not disclosed how many previous illnesses were linked to the contaminated products. If individuals are concerned that their products could be affected by this recall, they may wish to check “best by” dates on the packages as well as determine whether the brands of their products were produced by Aspen Foods. 

Salmonella can cause considerable illness if consumers eat contaminated products, and young children and the elderly could be particularly at risk of becoming severely ill. In some cases, individuals may need to seek medical treatment or be hospitalized in order to recover. As a result, they could face medical expenses and negative physical results from the issue. If Ohio residents would like to seek compensation for damages stemming from the consumption of a contaminated product, they may find information on product liability claims useful.

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