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There are many reasons why a motor vehicle accident could occur in the Columbus, Ohio, area.  While these incidents are often the result of negligent actions taken by individuals at the helm of one or more of the automobiles involved in the crash, this is not the only reason that these types of accidents occur. Sometimes problems with the vehicle are to blame for such an incident. This was a contributing factor to a car accident that occurred earlier this week in Franklin County.

The collision involved an SUV and a pickup truck that were travelling in the same direction at the same time on Interstate 270. As the vehicles made their way down the road the SUV stopped working properly. As the driver of that vehicle, a 75-year-old woman, attempted to move her vehicle off the road, it was rear-ended by the pickup.

As a result of the crash the woman in the SUV was hurt. Though her injuries were reportedly not life threatening, she was nonetheless taken to a hospital in the area. Sadly, the man behind the wheel of the pickup was fatally injured.

Though the mechanical issues the SUV experienced undoubtedly played a role in the crash, it is not clear why the 51-year-old pickup driver did not take actions to avoid hitting the back of the SUV. The investigation conducted thus far has determined that drugs and alcohol did not play a part. It is possible he was distracted by something in his vehicle or on the road. In the alternative, he may have suffered a medical episode of some sort.

Depending on the reasons behind a car accident, it is possible that individuals involved could decide to file a personal injury lawsuit regarding the matter. In these cases it is usually best to consult a personal injury lawyer sooner rather than later.

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