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After four years, the family of a man who lost his life after a simple routine MRI finally has a verdict in their suit. The estate was awarded $4.5 million for his wrongful death. Any family in Ohio who has suffered a similar loss of a loved one also has the right to file a civil suit if they feel as if a medical center or another third party’s negligence was to blame.

On June 18, 2008, the 56-year-old went into a medical center to have an MRI taken. He was a patient at the institute since 2001, and he was being treated for unspecified back pain. Before he went in to the MRI, the medical staff administered what is called a “contrast agent,” which enhances certain aspects of the body in order to increase visibility during the procedure.

However, not long after receiving the contrast agent, the man began to have an allergic reaction. A nurse called 911, but the man later died from the reaction after arriving at the hospital. In 2010, the man’s family decided to file a wrongful death suit against the medical center. The estate claimed that the loved one lost his life because the medical staff did not administer epinephrine to the man in an effort to fight the allergic reaction.

The man’s family sought punitive damages when they filed for their suit, and they received $4.5 million in compensation. When a third party seems to be at fault for a loved one’s loss of life in Ohio, the person’s family could file a wrongful death suit. Additionally, help on how to go about this process is available for those who seek guidance.

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