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Many consumers in Ohio and elsewhere turn to Tylenol when they need pain relief, and most people do not think about the possible dangers or side effects. However, this over-the-counter drug has now been blamed for causing one woman’s liver failure and necrosis. As a result, she has filed a products liability lawsuit in a neighboring state against Johnson & Johnson, McNeal PPC Inc. and McNeal Consumer Healthcare.

The woman reportedly took Extra Strength Tylenol daily from Nov. 9 to Nov. 14, 2011, though it is not reported how much of the drug she ingested during that period. On Nov. 14, she was diagnosed with massive necrosis and acute liver failure. Both of these medical issues are symptomatic of acetaminophen hepatotoxicity and were linked to her ingestion of Tylenol.

Among the various allegations listed in the suit, the defendants are accused of negligent failure to warn, fraud, violation of consumer protection laws and negligent design defect. The plaintiff is seeking an unspecified amount in punitive and compensatory damages. According to reports, about 100 similar Tylenol-related lawsuits had been filed in the same district as of mid-October, though no mention was made of any seeking class-action status.

Fortunately, side effects of this magnitude are relatively rare with over-the-counter medications, and most consumers take them without any issues. Anyone who suffers from illness or injury as a result of taking a medication may wish to learn more about what options he or she can pursue under Ohio’s personal injury laws. A successful products liability claim may help compensate the plaintiff for his or her pain and suffering while holding the product manufacturer accountable.

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