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Five people were taken to Coshocton Hospital following an explosion at the Coshocton Grain Company this week. One of the injured was taken by MedFlight to the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and one person refused treatment.

Coshocton Fire Chief Mike Layton indicated that seven people were in the grain silos when the explosion occurred. Five of the individuals were employees of the company and two were state grain graders.

The Coshocton Fire Department is investigating the blast which caused serious structural damage to three silos. The silos will need to be demolished. Chief Layton reported that a white cloud which could have been steam, smoke or dust, was seem coming from the silos. If there was a fire, Layton believes the force of the explosion extinguished any flames. Debris from the silos was thrown up to 300 feet away. The roofs and backs of the bins were destroyed, the roof of a dump bin was blown off and siding on a nearby building was damaged.

At the time of the explosion, corn was being loaded from the silo bins into rail cars in preparation for the arrival of new stock. Coshocton Grain Company board chairman Larry Endsley believes a spark ignited grain dust, causing the blast. Endsley indicated that explosions of this sort used to be commonplace in the grain business, but modern precautions have reduced the amount of dust and subsequent fires and explosions.

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