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Eminent Domain Update:  The proposed Interstate 71 US 36/State Route 37 Interchange project is one step closer to becoming a reality.  A new feasibility study was recently made public.

The current diamond interchange at I-71 and US36/SR37 was built over 40 years ago.  It is the only interstate access in a 22-mile stretch of I-71 in the central/northern portion of Delaware County – an area which has seen a a significant increase in population and new construction in recent years.  The study indicates that over 30,000 vehicles use the interchange every day to exit or enter Interstate 71.  Traffic is snarled and stopped on Interstate 71 on a daily basis.

Several feasibility studies of the interchange have been conducted over the past decade.  One study in 2009 began with the statement “The existing US 36/SR 37 interchange is deficient and the Ohio Department of Transportation is currently involved in a number of initiatives to relieve congestion and improve safety conditions.  However, wtih significant growth and expansion predicted in this area, a more comprehensive solution may be required.”

The most recent feasibility study proposes four alternatives, including a “no-build” scenario that would retain the interchange in its current situation.  The second alternative considered would result in the construction of a new stand-alone interchange south of the existing interchange.  Option three would result in construction of a new interchange some 4,300 feet south of the existing interchange with the existing interchange ramps incorporated.  Alternative four would have a new interchange built 3,700 feet south of the current interchange, integrating current interchange ramps and forming a combined interchange.

The cost of right-of-way acquisition for Alternative 3 is estimated at $23.6 million and $24.4 for Alternative 4.  While it is too early to know for certain, it is possible that eminent domain may be used to acquire the necessary rights-of-way for this project.

If you own property that is impacted by this highway project, or any other government project, contact the Ohio eminent domain attorneys at Clark, Perdue & List