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The boom in natural gas production in the eastern portion of Ohio has made the state a hotbed of activity for construction of transmission pipelines. In many instances, the rights of way for easements to construct the pipelines that are currently under construction have been acquired through use of the eminent domain process. Rights of way for pipelines now in the planning stage may also be subject to eminent domain.

Most of the pipelines are planned for eastern Ohio, but some will cross the state.  Markwest Energy Partners has a total of 52 lines planned or in progress, Cardinal Gas Services has 50 pipelines in the design and/or construction stage, Utica East Ohio Midstream has 14, Halcon has three, Mountain Gathering has two planned pipelines and several pipeline companies have one line each.

Land agents for Bluegrass Pipeline Company LLC are reportedly currently contacting landowners in Ohio seeking easements along the route of that pipeline.  The planned route of the Bluegrass Pipeline will pass through northeast and east central Ohio before crossing into Kentucky from southern Ohio in Clermont County.

The companies constructing the pipelines need easements from landowners. Landowners need to be certain that they know their rights.  Landowners do not have to accept the offer from the purchasing agent. In addition to obtaining fair compensation for permitting an easement on their property, landowners need to consider safety, property restoration and upkeep or modifications of the pipeline, insurance in the event of a pipeline leak as well as the impact on property value.

If you have been contacted by a land agent representing a pipeline company, you should consult with an attorney before signing any agreements. The Ohio eminent domain attorneys at Clark, Perdue & List can protect your rights and help you receive fair compensation for your property.