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Plans to build a new pipeline and pipeline support facilities in eastern Ohio are progressing. If landowners and the pipeline company do not reach an agreement over the necessary easements, the pipeline company may use eminent domain to obtain the easements.

The Ohio Pipeline Energy Network (“OPEN”) will be approximately 73 miles long, crossing through Columbiana, Carroll, Jefferson, Belmont & Monroe counties. The 30 inch diameter pipeline is planned by Spectra Energy and Texas Eastern.

In June of 2013, Texas Eastern began the pre-filing process with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The company plans to submit the certificate application in January 2014. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approval is anticipated by the end of 2014 and construction of the pipeline is expected to commence in early 2015.

Landowners of property along the planned route of the pipeline are being contacted regarding an easement across their property. If you own land impacted by the Ohio Pipeline Energy Network, you are entitled to fair compensation. The purchasing agent will attempt to obtain your property for as little money as possible. You do not have to accept the amount you are offered.

If you have questions about the process, the Ohio eminent domain lawyers at Clark, Perdue & List.