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In a move that could involve future eminent domain proceedings, Madison County Commissioners reopened discussions with the Ohio Department of Transportation regarding the widening of State Route 42 between State Routes 29 and 40 in Madison County, Ohio.

State Rep. Bob Hackett, a London, Ohio resident, called for the meeting between the Madison County Commissioners, Madison County Engineer and ODOT representatives.

Dick Gross, chief transportation engineer for ODOT’s District 6, provided history of the proposed road widening project. In 2002, ODOT conducted a safety study, focusing on the portion of Route 42 between the Speedway station to the south of I-70 and the Pilot gas station to the north of I-70. Heavy truck traffic and “misaligned” entrances to businesses led to the recommendation to widen State Route 42 in the area.

According to Gross, “Plans got started but there were snags due to property issues.” The “snags” including finding ways to work around gas pumps that were situated close to the road and reducing the impact on traffic flow at business locations. “The cost of the project got to be prohibitive, so we scaled back to just the work at the bridge,” he said. At that time, the estimated cost of the entire widening project was $13.5 million.

While funding has not been obtained, Madison County Commissioner David Dhume said the county wants to revisit the widening project, extending the widening from State Route 40 to State Route 29. “The future is going to come. We know the area will be developed. We need traffic to flow better,” Dhume said.

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