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On July 28, Delaware City Council unanimously approved an extension of Sawmill Parkway. If right of ways are not obtained by agreement, the eminent domain process could be used to obtain the necessary property.

Delaware County Commissions approved the $56 million Sawmill Parkway plan in June. Under the agreement, the City of Delaware would pay for 100 percent of the cost of the project northwest of U.S. Route 42 and 37.5 percent of the cost between the City of Delaware’s southern city limits and Route 42. That portion of the project would cost the City of Delaware approximately $8.46 million. Delaware County will pay for 100 percent of the project south of Delaware City limits and 62.5 percent of the project within the city limits.

The project will extend Sawmill Parkway north from Hyatts Road in Liberty Township past Bunty Station Road. After entering Delaware City limits, the extension would curve northwest, ending northwest of U.S. Route 42 at south Section Line Road. The project has been under discussion for a considerable time.

Officials expect the extension project to create a major new north-south route through Delaware County and will open large areas of now rural property for industrial development.

Delaware County hopes to have right-of-ways acquired by the middle of December. Construction of the project is expected to begin in the spring.

If you own property that is impacted by this highway project, or any other government project, contact the Ohio eminent domain attorneys at Clark, Perdue & List