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The City of Columbus has announced plans to reconstruct James Road from Livingston Avenue to Main Street. The city may use its right of eminent domain to acquire the property necessary for the reconstruction.

Project details calls for the widening of James Road from 4 lanes to 5 lanes so that a two-way left turn lane or dedicated left turn lane will be provided for the entire distance. In addition to the widening, the project will provide sidewalk and curb replacement, Americans with Disability accommodations, storm-water and water line improvements and traffic control, street lighting and utility work. Safety improvements would also be made at the Livingston Avenue intersection.

The project is currently in the design stage. Design is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2014. Right-of-way acquisition is expected to begin in March 2014. Construction of the estimated $7 million project is tentatively scheduled for 2016.

If you own property on James Road between Livingston Avenue and Main Street, your property may be impacted by this project. If your property is needed by the City of Columbus for this roadway project, you are entitled to receive fair compensation for your property. You are not required to accept the amount of money offered to you. If you are a property owner who is affected by this road construction, you should seek the advice of an eminent domain attorney