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As a driver, you have a solid understanding of Ohio’s road rules – but if you’re like most motorists, you’re not too sure how to go about getting compensation for losses in a Columbus trucking crash. Is hiring a truck accident lawyer a must?

Actually, no. You aren’t required to have legal representation to file an accident claim in Ohio. That said, hiring an attorney might be in your best interests. Here’s why.

Statute of Limitations for Ohio Truck Accident Claims

Most people who are injured in Columbus trucking crashes face an uphill battle when it comes to securing a fair amount of compensation for their losses. For many, the only option is to file a lawsuit.

If you have to go that route, know that your time to take legal action is limited. In Ohio, the statute of limitations for truck accident claims is just two years – and the clock begins running on the date of a collision. Exceptions may apply, but in most cases, injured victims lose the right to file a claim for compensation once the two-year period ends. Since time is short, having an experienced Columbus lawyer on your side is often the best way to ensure a favorable case outcome.

Determining Liability in a Columbus Trucking Crash

To determine who can be held legally responsible for injuries and losses resulting from a trucking crash, you may need the assistance of an experienced Columbus truck accident lawyer.

Wouldn’t that be the driver of the truck, you ask? If a collision is due to speeding, distracted driving or another reckless action, that could be the case. But if the truck driver wasn’t negligent and wasn’t in violation of any Ohio traffic laws or trucking regulations, a different party – perhaps a maintenance contractor, parts manufacturer or cargo loader – could be at fault for the crash. An experienced attorney has the expertise to figure out how the incident occurred and who can be named in your truck accident claim.

Work With an Attorney to Level the Playing Field

Insurance companies run attention-getting ad campaigns designed to make people believe they care, but in reality, their focus is on protecting the bottom line – not on protecting your rights.

An experienced truck accident lawyer will advocate for your best interests, making every effort to ensure that you’re fairly compensated for your injuries and losses. The insurance company of the party at fault for the trucking crash will have a team of highly skilled attorneys doing whatever they can to minimize your payout or deny your accident claim, but if you have seasoned legal expert on your side, you won’t end up settling for less money than you deserve.

Securing the compensation you deserve after a trucking crash could take quite some time — and since you have a narrow window of opportunity to file a lawsuit, you’d be wise to consult with a Columbus truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. The legal team at Clark, Perdue & List is ready to go to bat for you, and we have the skill, knowledge and experience to secure the best possible case outcome.

To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with a highly qualified truck accident lawyer in Columbus, Ohio, contact our office today.