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Unnecessary testosterone treatment was the focus of a recent story presented by National Public Radio. Concern about this issued has been echoed by many cardiologists.

Dr. Ronald Tamler, an endocrinologist at Mount Sinai Diabetes Center explained that testosterone levels fluctuate throughout the day. Dr. Tamler said that the optimal time to check testosterone levels is in the morning when levels tend to be at their highest. If testing is done in the afternoon when the testosterone level is lower, the man might be incorrectly diagnosed as having low testosterone – or “Low-T.”

Dr. Tamler recommended that before beginning testosterone therapy, a man should try other methods to increase testosterone levels and should treat other conditions that could cause Low-T, such as diabetes and sleep apnea.

If testosterone therapy is determined to be necessary, the man should be closely monitored and be reevaluated twice a year for potentially dangerous blood clots. Testosterone treatment can result in the production of too many red blood cells. “The amount of red blood cells in circulation can go up very high, and that can mean the blood does not flow as smoothly as it should and that can give you troubles,” Tamler said.

The number of testosterone prescriptions written in the United States has more than tripled in the past ten years. A recent study of more than 55,000 men found that older men who used testosterone had double the risk of heart attack.

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