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There are many household products that Ohio residents may use without thinking twice. However, some of these products could potentially pose hazards to consumers that could put them at risk of injury. If an individual is harmed due to normal use of dangerous products, they may wish to consider seeking compensation for damages for any injuries that result.

It was recently reported that Microsoft issued a recall for certain power cords. Cords that are used with their Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3 that were sold before March 15, 2015 could put users at risk of electric shock. The cords also pose a fire hazard. In addition to coming with those devices, the cords may also have been sold as accessories. It was noted that more than two million cords are being recalled.

According to the report, Microsoft received 56 complaints pertaining to the cords catching on fire, and they also received five reports of users suffering an electric shock from the cords. It was not revealed whether any serious injuries or other damages resulted from those incidents. Free replacements of the cords are being offered.

The issues presented by the product could cause serious harm to users. If Ohio residents were negatively affected after using this product, they may wish to determine whether a legal claim for compensation of damages may be an appropriate measure of relief. Information on filing product liability claims for dangerous products could help interested individuals determine whether pursuing such an avenue could be right for their case. Discussing their situation with an experienced lawyer could also prove valuable.

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