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Dangerous Drugs:  Over 1,300 product liability lawsuits have been filed against Johnson & Johnson for side effects from the pharmaceutical Risperdal.

Claimants contend that Johnson & Johnson failed to adequately warn users of Risperdal about the risk of gynecomastia and allege that the pharmaceutical company knew of the risks and deliberately withheld information from consumers.

Johnson & Johnson allegedly was aware of the connection between use of Risperdal and gynecomastia as early as 2001.

“Gynecomastia” is the medical term for the abnormal development of breasts in males.  Risperdal is a popular antipsychotic that causes an increase in the amount of prolactin.  Prolactin is a hormone that causes lactation in women after they give birth. 

The first Risperdal trial took place in Pennsylvania in Februry 2015.  That trial resulted in a $2.5 million jury verdict.  That lawsuit was filed by the family of an autistic boy who developed size 46 DD breasts. 

Another trial in March produced a verdict for the drug company.  Although the jury in the second trial found for the defendant, the jurors belived that Johnson & Johnson did not warn users of the risk of developing gynecomastia.  A third Risperdal case was settled prior to trial in May. 

In 2013, Johnson & Johnson paid $2.2 billion as a result of criminal allegations that the company illegally marketed Risperdal to children and elderly.

The Ohio pharmaceutical injury attorneys at Clark, Perdue & List represent individuals who have been injured by dangerous drugs. If you or a loved one developed gynecomastia following use of Risperdal, you may have a claim.