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Ohio gynecological and obstetric surgery patients may soon have increased access to the controversial Da Vinci robot system. The robotic surgery machine, which was cleared for use by the FDA in 2000, has come under fire as a dangerous medical device after a series of lawsuits.

Heralded as a great advance within the surgical community, the Da Vinci essentially serves as a miniature version of the surgeon’s hand, allowing for smaller incisions and less invasive practices. Doctors use their hands to control tiny movements on the robot mechanism. Da Vinci robots are primarily used in laparoscopy, or abdominal surgery using a camera. Many patients experience shorter recovery times and fewer complications after their procedures thanks to this momentous advance in medical technology. In fact, many patients would recommend the method to others.

Even as the machine gains traction in markets like Marion, Ohio, reports show that Dayton-area attorneys have filed several suits related to malfunctions within the Da Vinci system. One office has been working on several products liability during the past five months; so far, none of the claims has been settled.

The claims offer a very different picture of the robotic surgery than that portrayed in major media outlets. One woman’s esophagus was torn open during a surgery with the Da Vinci system. Other victims’ arteries have been severed during procedures. Although most people experience some measure of leakage during the process, many are undergoing invasive follow-up procedures to correct the problems caused by the Da Vinci.

So far, few of the problems with the machines have been caused by medical malpractice; it appears instead that the robot system itself is defective.

If you have suffered physical injury because of the Da Vinci robot system, consider enlisting the assistance of a personal injury attorney to find out more about your legal options. You could be entitled to monetary damages for your medical bills and other intangible claims in connection with your injury.

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