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To young children there are few things more exciting than receiving a new toy. Accordingly, as parents of kids are well aware, toys have been created for use in many different situations. One of those situations is bath time. Ohio parents of children, who like to play with toy ducks and frogs that light up when they become wet, may want to take a minute to determine whether they are those that were recently recalled.

Approximately 30,000 of the dangerous toys, which were only available for purchase at Cost Plus World Market beginning in July 2012 and continuing throughout the remainder of that year, are included in the recall. The reason for the recall is the possibility that a child could choke on a piece that detaches from the bottom of the bath toys. The piece is described as a metal conductor pin.

While there are many ways in which a product defect can lead to an injury, where children are concerned choking is a big concern. If not attended to immediately, a choking child may suffer serious injuries and even die. When a tragic incident such as this happens to either a child or adult, as a result of a product defect, it is possible that a products liability lawsuit could be filed against parties responsible for the product. If successful, the civil personal injury lawsuit would result in financial compensation to the injured individuals or his or her family.

It is unclear whether in this case any children were injured as a result of the defective toy or if the recall is a precaution against it happening.

Source: Kids Today, “Toysmith Recalling light-up frogs and ducks sold at Cost Plus World Market,” Aug. 13, 2013