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When a child loses his or her life, it is an utter tragedy. However, when the child’s life is lost due to the negligent actions of an individual who was trusted to care for that child, the situation becomes even more heartbreaking. A woman, who was a friend of the child’s mother, was arrested in Ohio after she operated her vehicle while intoxicated, causing a fatal accident that killed the young child.

The 32-year-old and the child’s mother were visiting each other when they decided to go to another friend’s house. Around 11 p.m., despite having been drinking, the woman chose to drive her own car, and the mother’s two children — a 7-year-old girl and a 4-year-old boy — were going to ride with her. Unfortunately, when the woman attempted to back the car out of her friend’s driveway, she drove into the Huron River.

The woman got out of the car as it began to sink, and she signaled for the mother. The two were able to rescue the girl, but they were unable to save the boy. When emergency responders arrived, they determined that the woman’s blood alcohol content was 0.127, which is over the legal limit.

The woman was arrested for various charges, including aggravated vehicular homicide, operating a vehicle while intoxicated and involuntary manslaughter. Even though she is the mother’s friend, the mother can still take Ohio civil action against her if she chooses. The mother can file a wrongful death suit against the woman, claiming that her negligent actions led to the fatal accident and ultimately the loss of her young child.

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