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Ohio traffic deaths increase for the second year in a row

The beginning of the New Year has given traffic safety experts the opportunity to take stock of road safety in Ohio over the past year. Unfortunately, the news is not good. According to the Columbus Dispatch, traffic fatalities rose in Ohio in 2015 for the second year in a row, after reaching a record low in 2013. While the news is disappointing, it is part of a trend that is being repeated nationwide. As gas prices decrease, congestion increases, and distracted driving becomes more ubiquitous, the chances for accidents to occur are rising. Continue reading

Ohio crash leads to deaths and other serious injuries

Determining the circumstances under which a fatal accident took place can prove vital to an investigation. It was recently reported that police are continuing to investigate a single-car crash that took place in Ohio. There were reportedly three individuals inside the vehicle at the time. They were listed as being a 33-year-old man, a 32-year-old woman and another man whose age was not given.

The accident occurred around midnight, and it was reported that the car unsuccessfully traveled through a curve in the road. As a result, the vehicle left the road and hit a tree and pole before catching on fire. Two individuals in a nearby home heard the accident and attempted to help the vehicle’s occupants.

One of the men, who was the driver, and the woman suffered fatal injuries in the crash. The second man was taken from the scene in serious condition, but he was considered stable at the time of the report. Authorities believe that alcohol and speed contributed to the crash, and they hope to speak with the surviving passenger in an attempt to learning more about the incident.

A crash in which lives are lost and other individuals are seriously injured is always a harrowing event for those involved and their surviving loved ones. After the outcome of this Ohio accident is determined, civil claims could potentially be filed. The driver of the vehicle died as a result of the incident, but wrongful death and personal injury claims could still be filed against that person’s estate. Further information on pursuing such legal action in hopes of gaining compensation may interest negatively affected individuals.

Source:, “2 killed, 1 injured in Springfield Twp. crash“, John London, Jan. 4, 2016

Ohio SUV accident leads to serious injuries for driver

When a motor vehicle crash results in serious injuries, determining who was at fault for the incident could play a considerable role. Authorities will likely investigate to determine whether charges are necessary, and an injured individual could have cause to file a civil claim. It was recently reported that an SUV accident in Ohio resulted in serious injuries for one individual.

Reports indicated that a semi-truck had been parked on the shoulder of Interstate 75 when the driver then attempted to merge back onto the roadway. The truck was traveling approximately 20 mph at the time, and as the truck was merging, it was hit by an SUV. Reportedly, the driver of the truck was a 28-year-old man, and the driver of the SUV was a 45-year-old woman.

The woman was transported from the scene by helicopter to be treated for injuries. It was noted that the injuries were not life threatening. It was not mentioned whether the truck driver suffered any injuries. Authorities are continuing to investigate the crash in order to determine whether the semi-truck had safety lights on at the time and how fast the SUV may have been traveling.

If it is determined that the truck did not have safety lights or that other issues on the part of the truck driver may have contributed to the Ohio accident, it is possible that individual may be considered at fault. If that is the outcome of the investigation, it is possible that the injured SUV driver may have cause to file a personal injury claim against that individual and other responsible parties, such as the owner of the big rig and/or the trucker’s employer. Information on taking such action after the SUV accident may help the individual seek compensation for medical bills and other damages.

Source:, “1 Person Life Flighted in I-75 Crash Tuesday Morning“, Jenna Siffringer, Jan. 5, 2016

Ohio truck accidents: Woman killed after being struck on I-90

Roadways can be treacherous for travelers and can become even more dangerous if an individual must get out of his or her vehicle on or near a road. Passing vehicles can pose considerable threats to pedestrians, and sometimes result in serious car or truck accidents.  It was recently reported that such an incident took place in Ohio.

Apparently, a woman had stopped and exited her vehicle on Interstate 90 at approximately 10:30 a.m. It was not clear at the time of the report why the woman got out of her car, but it was noted that the vehicle was off to the side of the road. Nonetheless, after exiting the car, the woman was hit by a passing semi-truck.

The woman suffered fatal injuries after being hit, though it was not mentioned whether she was pronounced dead at the scene or if she succumbed to those injuries at a later time. Though the accident closed the roadway for more than four hours, authorities are continuing their investigation. It was not mentioned whether any charges may result from the incident.

It is always a harrowing situation when car and truck accidents result in the deaths of individuals involved. Because such an outcome stemmed from this Ohio accident, the victim’s family may wish to explore their legal options. These types of legal claims are filed within the civil justice system and are based upon evidence of negligence. Information on wrongful death claims could help them determine whether they would like to take such legal action in order to seek compensation for their loss and other resulting damages.

Source:, “Woman dies after accident involving semitrailer on I-90 West in Mentor“, Jane Morice, Dec. 24, 2015

Ohio car accident kills both drivers involved

In many cases, lanes on the roadways are only separated by painted lines. As a result, drivers could easily veer from one lane to another with nothing to stop a potential collision. A head-on car accident often results from a vehicle moving into the opposite lanes of travel, and it is not unusual for serious or fatal injuries to occur.

It was recently reported that a crash in Ohio took place under similar conditions. The driver of a van was headed east at approximately 2:30 p.m. when that individual failed to remain in the correct lane. As a result, the van moved into the westbound lanes and collided with a car traveling that direction. The impact caused the van to catch on fire and the car to leave the roadway.

Unfortunately, both drivers involved in the crash suffered fatal injuries. The driver of the car was reported as being a woman, but her age was not disclosed. At the time of the report, the driver of the van had not yet been identified. Authorities are likely continuing to investigate as the specific cause of the crash was not clear.

As the authorities work to determine the details of the Ohio car accident, the families of the drivers will surely be facing much grief. Though the driver of the van was also killed in the crash, the loved ones of the car driver may still have options for seeking compensation if that is a route they wish to follow. Information on filing a wrongful death claim against the estate of the driver considered at fault could help the family determine how they may wish to move forward.

Source:, “Van crosses center lane, causing fatal head-on crash in Ravenna“, Kaily Cunningham, Dec. 25, 2015

Fatal accident in Ohio may lead to wrongful death claim

In many cases, single-vehicle accidents can prove to be deadly. A lone occupant of a vehicle may suffer fatal injuries, or passengers in a car could be the unfortunate victims. In any case, loved ones are often left behind to deal with the sudden loss of a family member. If a passenger dies as a result of such a fatal accident, the family may wish to pursue compensation from the driver considered at fault. Continue reading

Ohio car accident results in death, serious injuries

A recent accident that took place in Ohio resulted in the death of one individual. Reportedly, the car accident involved three vehicles after an initial collision between two vehicles pushed a car into an SUV. The car had apparently been traveling west when it attempted to make a turn into the parking lot of a store. During that turn, the car was hit by a pickup truck.  Continue reading

Tractor-trailers crash in fatal Ohio accident

A recent accident in Ohio involved two tractor-trailers and resulted in the death of one individual. Reports stated that before the tractor-trailers collided, the first truck had gone off the roadway and struck a guardrail. The collision apparently did not stop the truck, and it continued back onto the interstate. However, the truck did eventually become disabled and apparently stopped in the roadway. 

After the first truck became disabled, it was hit by the second semi that was traveling the same direction. That collision caused the first truck to catch on fire. Both trucks were seriously damaged in the accident, and the first semi was considered totaled. As a result of the crash, the westbound lane of travel was closed for an extended period of time. 

The crash resulted in the driver of the first truck suffering fatal injuries. He was reported as being 57 years old and from Alabama. The driver of the second truck was reported as being a 50-year-old man, and while he was also injured, he was treated and released from the hospital. It was not mentioned whether any charges may result from the fatal incident, but authorities will likely continue to investigate.

If it is determined that the driver of the second truck did not take the proper steps to avoid an accident or other similar factors are discovered, he could potentially be bear some responsibility for the crash between the tractor-trailers. Should that be the case, the deceased driver’s family may have cause to pursue compensation against that driver for resulting monetary damages. Information on filing a wrongful death claim in Ohio may help them determine whether filing a claim could be be appropriate for their circumstances.

Source:, “Alabama man dead after crash on Zanesville interstate“, Eric Lagatta, Nov. 19, 2015

SUV accident causes serious injuries to Ohio bicyclist

When a bicyclist is hit by a vehicle, it is not unlikely that the cyclist will be seriously injured. Indeed, a recent SUV accident involving a bicycle in Ohio resulted in an individual suffering severe injuries. Details on how the accident took place were few, and it is unclear what factors may have played a role in the incident. However, it was mentioned that some witnesses stated that the SUV was speeding.

The accident was initially a hit-and-run situation. It took place at approximately 8:20 a.m., and the SUV driver did not remain on the scene. After seeing her vehicle on the news in relation to the event, she turned herself in to police. She stated that she was not aware that she had hit the bicyclist. 

The bicyclist was taken from the scene by helicopter to an area medical center. It was mentioned that he was in the intensive care unit of the facility, but his name and age were not given. At the time of the report, the woman driving the SUV had not been charged. However, authorities are continuing to investigate and hope to gather more information from the victim and other witnesses.

Because this SUV accident resulted in the bicyclist suffering serious injuries, he may wish to consider his legal options once he is in more stable condition. Filing a personal injury claim against the driver considered at fault could help him seek compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering and other damages he may experience. Information on taking such action in Ohio may help him determine whether such a path is one he would like to follow.

Source:, “Driver turns self in after Medina Township hit-skip accident“, Nov. 3, 2015

Truck accidents can lead to serious injuries in Ohio

When a serious accident takes place, authorities are tasked with determining how the incident occurred. Truck accidents are no different, and a recent crash in Ohio continues to be under investigation. It was reported that a tractor trailer and another vehicle were involved and that both vehicles had been traveling the same direction on the Interstate when the accident occurred.

Reportedly, both vehicles were traveling east and collided at approximately 7 p.m. The crash caused the vehicles to skid across the roadway and block an exit ramp. The ramp was closed for nearly three hours while the collision was investigated. Further details regarding what may have caused the accident to take place were not given in the report. Authorities are asking that anyone with information come forward.

The crash caused the driver and passenger in the smaller vehicle to suffer injuries. It was unclear what type of injuries they suffered, but it was mentioned that they were transported from the scene to an area hospital. The driver of that vehicle had to be revived after his or her heart stopped. The driver of the truck was not injured. It was not mentioned whether any charges may result from the crash.

When truck accidents result in serious injuries, it is important that causes are determined. When the investigation concludes, authorities will likely be able to indicate who may have been at fault for the incident. If the evidence suggests that the truck driver is considered responsible, the individuals who were injured may wish to file personal injury claims the trucker and the trucker’s employer in order to seek compensation for damages resulting from the Ohio crash.

Source:, “Car accident on I-80 in Austintown closes SR 46 ramp“, Sarah Mercer, Nov. 7, 2015

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