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Neglect and abuse in Columbus adult care facilities takes many forms, and when victims suffer physical harm, emotional trauma, financial exploitation or sexual assault, nursing home abuse lawyers are ready to hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

Depending on the circumstances, liability for injuries and adverse medical conditions resulting from abuse or neglect may be assigned to a long-term care facility. Below, the legal team at Clark, Perdue & List explains the factors involved in holding a facility liable for abuse – if your loved one is a victim and you want to take legal action, contact us and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer today.

Situations in Which Nursing Homes May Be Held Liable for Abuse

Long-term care facilities have a duty to provide residents with an environment that’s clean, safe and free from abuse and neglect. Residents also have the right to receive proper medical care and to be treated with dignity and respect. Columbus nursing home lawyers can often hold facilities legally responsible for injuries and medical issues in the event of the following:

Environmental Hazards

Adult care facilities have an obligation to eliminate known hazards or provide residents and staff with adequate warning of the presence of property dangers.

Inadequate Security

Facilities are duty-bound to keep residents safe from harm, providing protection against predatory staff members, violent intruders and other residents.

Facility Understaffing

Every long-term care facility is required to employ enough staff to properly care for all of the residents during both emergency and non-emergency situations.

Poor Hiring Practices

Applicants for facility staff positions must be carefully screened, with a background check for credentials and past instances of abuse or neglect.

Improper Training

Facility staff members need to be adequately trained to care for every resident, including those who are immobile, incapacitated or otherwise impaired.

Insufficient Supervision

Adult care facilities are obliged to provide adequate supervision of the staff members in order to immediately stop any form of neglect or abuse.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Must Prove the Elements of Negligence

Knowing that your loved one has been abused or neglected isn’t enough – to hold the adult care facility where they reside accountable, a Columbus nursing home lawyer will need to be able to prove the four legal elements of negligence:

  • Duty of care, or that the facility had the duty to provide your loved one with care and medical services
  • Breach of duty, or that the actions of the staff at the facility deviated from the accepted standard of care
  • Causation, or that your loved one’s suffering is directly due to the actions of the facility staff
  • Damages, or that some form of legally recognized harm occurred as a result of the staff’s actions

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