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Blue Bell Creameries, one of the top-selling producers of ice cream in our country, has recently been forced to recall all of its products. The recalls began earlier this year after certain flavors tested positive for Listeria. Several individuals have gotten sick due to the outbreak, and three individuals have died. Any Ohio residents who have fallen ill or lost a loved one to the outbreak may be able to pursue a products liability claim.

According to the CDC, the illnesses began when five individuals from a hospital in one state and three in a hospital in a separate state contracted Listeria from Blue Bell ice cream. Now, two more cases in two different states have surfaced. In March, the company began recalling the products that could be traced directly to the affected individuals, but in light of even more cases, the company has chosen to go ahead and recall all of its products.

Listeria is an infection that can be particularly serious for people with weakened immune systems, elderly people, pregnant women and babies. Symptoms may include confusion, convulsions and fever. The company feels as if they are doing the right thing by initiating the recall, and they have publicly apologized for the outbreak.

Several people have fallen victim to the Listeria outbreak, and three individuals have lost their lives. If any Ohio residents have been affected by the outbreak, they may be able to pursue legal action. The residents could file products liability suits against Blue Bell, citing negligence in an attempt to be reimbursed for applicable damages.

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