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When a child is injured during birth, the parents will likely want to know the cause of the injuries. Birth injuries can lead to substantial problems for children for the rest of their lives, depending on the severity. Ohio residents may be interested in a case in another state in which a medical malpractice claim resulted in compensation for an injured child.

Reports stated that during the child’s delivery, it was evident that the mother would not be able to deliver the child vaginally. The child’s heart rate became weaker as labor continued, but the doctor in charge of the delivery apparently waited to perform a C-section. As a result of the delayed procedure, the child suffered a brain injury.

The outcomes of the injury resulted in the child being unable to see, walk or talk. She will also be unable to care for herself. In order to eat, the now-3-year-old child must be fed through a feeding tube that goes into her stomach. The family filed a medical malpractice claim against the doctor involved in the delivery, and the case recently led to the child being awarded over $9 million. In addition, her mother was awarded an additional $250,000 for her emotional distress.

When a child is injured due to negligence or other medical errors, a family can be heartbroken. Birth injuries can be particularly painful for all individuals involved, and Ohio families may wish to seek compensation if they are victims of such outcomes. Information about medical malpractice claims and the process for seeking compensation could help interested parties determine whether they would like to move forward with such actions.

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