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A recall has been recently declared in Ohio and all other states for vehicles containing a Japanese-made automobile airbag. The recall states that at least 33.8 million vehicles in the United States contain the defective products. According to reports, it is the largest 50-state recall to ever be declared in the history of the nation.

Automakers such as General Motors, Ford and Subaru have already implemented the recall on more than 17 million vehicles. The U.S. Transportation Secretary said that a recall of this magnitude will take massive efforts from all involved parties. He added that United States officials are ready and willing to do their part in order to protect lives.

Reports indicate that there have been five fatalities connected to the defective airbags. A representative from the Takata company that manufactures the airbags testified that he opposed a nationwide recall. He purported that the problematic function of the airbags is associated only with coastal climates.

Any manufacturer, distributor or sales company that places known defective products into the hands of consumers can be held liable by a court if a consumer chooses to file a products liability claim for injuries or illness suffered through normal use of the products. Ohio residents who have concerns or questions about injuries that they suspect have been caused by dangerous products in their automobiles or other household items may wish to seek legal consultation with a professional who is experienced in litigating products liability cases. It is within every citizen’s rights to seek compensation for damages when a defective product has caused injury or illness — or in some cases, death of an immediate family member.

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