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When parents welcome a baby into this world in most cases they want to do everything they possibly can to keep that child safe. In many instances this involves purchasing the best quality products they can find. Unfortunately, even doing a lot of research and paying a large amount of money will not protect someone from a product that is defective. This is illustrated by the recent recall of several models of Britax strollers.

All told, 216,000 strollers are included in the recall. It encompasses both single as well as double models. The reason for the recall is the potential that the strollers could cause the partial amputation of the fingertips of the individuals who attempted to release the stroller. The strollers retailed for between $250 and $450 online and at stores throughout the nation, likely including the state of Ohio.

This recall is not for hypothetical reasons. At least one person suffered a partial amputation of a fingertip from a recalled stroller. In addition, several other individuals experienced severe lacerations and one person broke a finger. It is unclear whether any of the injured individuals are children. The company is making free repair kits available to individuals who purchased the strollers involved in the recall.

The free repair kit may not be enough for the individuals who were injured while using the defective stroller. It is possible that those people might decide to file a product’s liability lawsuit against Britax. Anything recovered as a result of one of those lawsuits would likely greatly aid in any medical bills that have accrued.

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