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If someone at an Ohio adult care facility takes advantage of or causes harm to your loved one, you need to speak with a Columbus nursing home abuse attorney.

But you’ll never need to do that, right? Hopefully not – however, according to the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA), at least one in every ten nursing home residents has suffered some form of abuse. And for every incident that’s reported to the authorities, around 24 incidents remain under wraps.

Knowing this, you can see how important it is to understand the signs of elder abuse and neglect. If you notice any of the following the next time you visit your loved one, contact a Columbus nursing home abuse attorney right away.

No. 1: Unsanitary Conditions

Failing to keep an adult care facility clean poses a health risk to the residents. If you see soiled bedding, dirty clothes or areas that look unsanitary, it’s time to contact a lawyer.

No. 2: Inadequate Hygiene

Does your loved one have dirty hair or clothing? Does it seem like they could really use a bath? These are signs of neglect, and they point to the need for legal assistance.

No. 3: Changes in Behavior

If your loved one is being abused, they may get moody or act differently. Pay attention, and call a nursing home neglect and abuse attorney if you suspect something is wrong.

No. 4: Puzzling Weight Loss

Has your loved one lost a lot of weight? Whether due to restricted access to food or an untreated health condition, unexplained weight loss is a reason to contact an attorney.

No. 5: Bruises & Injuries

There’s a difference between bruises attributable to mobility issues and unexplained cuts, scratches, bed sores, and injuries. If you notice the latter, get advice from a local lawyer.

No. 6: Unusual Financial Affairs

Adult care facility residents are often targets of financial abuse. Don’t hesitate to call an attorney if you see unusual bank activity or find that your loved one is missing money.

No. 7: Restricted Visitation

Have you been told that you can’t visit or talk with your loved one? Demand to know why, then get in touch with a local nursing home neglect and abuse attorney at once.

Do You Need a Columbus Nursing Home Abuse Attorney?

When something isn’t right about the care your loved one is receiving, you may need to help them hold the responsible party or parties accountable. At Clark, Perdue & List, we specialize in going after abusive and neglectful caretakers, doctors, nurses and staff at adult care facilities. You can count on our legal team to demand justice.

The sooner you contact our office, the sooner we can launch an investigation and take legal action. Don’t let the abuse or neglect continue any longer – get in touch with Clark, Perdue, & List and schedule a free consultation with an experienced Columbus nursing home abuse attorney today.