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Have you suffered harm or injury due the negligence of a health care provider in Columbus? A medical malpractice lawyer can help and having a skilled and experienced legal professional in your corner is in your best interests.

Pursuing a malpractice claim on your own is possible in Ohio, but the process is far from straightforward – and representing yourself isn’t a strategy for success. An attorney will know what’s at stake and what it will take to win your case, but to be more specific, here are five good reasons to call on a medical malpractice lawyer.

Reason No. 1: Easing Your Burden

If you’ve suffered an injury or harm, you should be concentrating on getting better – not on getting justice. Turn your claim over to an experienced Columbus medical malpractice attorney, and you’ll be much better able to focus on your recovery, as you’ll know that a legal professional is fighting for your rights.

Reason No. 2: Handling the Paperwork

Medical malpractice claims tend to involve a seemingly never-ending barrage of paperwork that must be properly prepared and filed in a timely manner. Since the jargon used on these documents can be confusing to anyone who isn’t a malpractice lawyer, leaving the paperwork to an attorney is a good idea.

Reason No. 3: Dealing with Insurance

Do you know what you should and shouldn’t say to insurance adjusters? Many use various tactics to delay, devalue or even outright deny valid malpractice claims. A skilled malpractice lawyer will be able to counter those tactics, so you’d be wise to let an attorney handle all correspondence with insurance companies.

Reason No. 4: Accelerating Your Claim

The Columbus medical malpractice claims process is complex, and if you opt to represent yourself, you’ll have to devote quite a lot of time and energy to the case if you want to keep it moving forward. An experienced malpractice lawyer can do the necessary work and speed up the process of resolving your claim.

Reason No. 5: Getting the Best Settlement

Through a malpractice claim, you could recover monetary compensation for a range of expenses and losses related to the harm or injury you have suffered. And while no medical malpractice lawyer can guarantee specific results, an attorney will negotiate aggressively and steer your case toward the best possible outcome.

If you have been the victim of substandard or negligent medical care, turn to the legal team at Clark, Perdue & List in Columbus, Ohio. We’re fully committed to doing whatever we can to see that our clients are compensated for their losses, and we can help you hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions.

For a free, no-obligation consultation with a highly skilled and experienced Columbus medical malpractice lawyer, contact Clark, Perdue & List today.