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While dogs can be faithful and loving companions, some dogs can be dangerous. One woman felt as if her neighbor’s dogs posed a threat to her life, but, despite numerous 911 calls, the county never intervened. After losing her life after an attack by her neighbor’s dogs, the woman’s estate is taking legal action in the form of two Ohio wrongful death suits.

The exact reason why the woman believed that the dogs posed a danger to her life is uncertain. She reportedly called 911 around 16 times, and she supposedly filed about 12 reports with the county’s animal resource center to complain about her neighbor’s dangerous dogs. However, as the suit alleges, no action was ever taken to protect the woman. The woman was killed on Feb. 7, 2014.

The suit names the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center, the county commissioners of Montgomery County and several others as defendants. The woman’s estate claims that their negligent disregard for the woman’s safety led to her loss of life. The estate is seeking unspecified damages in this suit. The Ohio woman’s estate has filed another wrongful death suit against the owners of the dogs.

Anytime a person loses his or her life due to the negligence of multiple third parties, that person’s estate can take legal action against all parties believed to be negligent. Not only can this help the estate by allowing for the possibility of receiving a larger reimbursement, but it also may ease the minds of those related to the deceased by allowing them to know that justice was served. As wrongful death suits are often complex, those seeking compensation through a wrongful death claim may benefit from the assistance of an attorney experienced in that area of the law.

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